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  • Accredited Buyer Representation - ABR

  • Seller Representation Specialist - SRS

  • Pricing Strategies Advisor - PSA

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Arizona GRI

Arizona GRI Instructor

Agency - Our clients deserve and demand better service. How does service meet the rules and regulations we have as Realtors under the code of ethics & Arizona Law. We will break it down so you can build your business to the next level. 

Market Essentials - Why do deal blow up? We are going to look at all the Red Flags and Pitfalls to help you be better prepared the next time around, from the Listing appointment, buyer consultation, inspections and appraisals. These are the tips to help you stay on top of and keep things moving for your clients.

Contracts - The A-Z on the latest in the Arizona purchase contract and affiliated addendums, 2 days to focus on the biggest building block in your business.

Other available classes:

Contract Law:

  Clauses & Contingencies – OH MY! – Break down of the most common contingencies and clauses, proper usage of the AAR addendums including the Additional Clause Addendum and how to avoid risk & “close the clause” when you have to write your own contingency.

The Contract Says WHAT? Don’t you hate it when what you thought it said and what it really said are just not the same? You’re gonna team up, and test out your awesome skills of recall and knowledge. And we’ll discuss some best practices in case you get into one of those “uh-oh” situations.


To Tell or Not to Tell - Updates on the Seller Property Disclosure, recent case law, rule & statues that are requiring a higher level of skill and care.  

  What I Know You Know – disclosure requirements related to related to professional conduct, contracts & ethics. What can you, should you and must you say in your day to day business.


  Financing from the Street - A hands on look on financing programs from an agent point of view and how each different program might impact how you write a contract, inspections and appraisals.


Legal Issues:

 Dirty Little Secrets: Ripped from the headlines or at least the legal hotline - things you may know but aren’t discussed, we will share and help you avoid issues and challenges

Risky Business & You: hands on look at scenarios & case studies “ripped from the headlines” or your latest deal.  Open discussion of what was done & how to do it better, cleaner and manage your risk.

Playing in the Dirt: Modern Day Land Sales – The ins & outs of Listing & Selling Vacant land, working with subdivided, un-subdivided land, zoning, legal requirements, water rights, utilities, surveys and lot splits.  What to look for when listing and representing buyers and how to keep your hands clean


Agency in A Mobile World – How does today’s agent full fill our obligations in agency disclosure to customers and clients by Commissioners Standards & Code of Ethics with all of todays lead generation tools, Social media and clients who may purchase a home with never stepping foot in Arizona.

   Full Disclosure or Indecent Exposure – How do you disclose who you are working for? What are the best methods and where is you biggest liability? Your biggest challenge? Through hands on case studies we will explore how to manage your risk.

Commissioners Rules:

  Don’t Watch Your Behind, Keep Your Standards in Line – a closer look at tools to help you comply with both Arizona law and the Code of Ethics that puts your business on auto-pilot & overdrive. Breaking down each aspect from advertising, disclosure, area of expertise, cooperation & commissions.  (INCLUDES Biannual Code of Ethics requirement for NAR)